112 Avenue Public Realm Improvements

Nice Street for PedestriansThe 112 Avenue Enhancements project is part of a larger plan to reconstruct the roadway between 50 Street and 68 Street. The section between 62 Street and 68 Street was selected as a Complete Streets pilot and involved a public consultation process to select public realm improvements including custom furnishings, lighting and tree planting systems. Realizing these improvements on a constrained arterial road right-of-way presented many technical and process-related challenges as needs and priorities had to be balanced with safety and the maintenance of non-standard infrastructure. The presentation will include a summary of the transportation planning and public engagement processes and highlight some of the challenges encountered in the implementation of the public realm improvements.

Kevin Dieterman, CSLA, LEED AP

Kevin completed a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph and a Diploma in Landscape Architecture Technology from NAIT. He is a landscape architect and project manager with ISL Engineering and Land Services. He has overseen all aspects of design and implementation on a variety of projects including streetscapes, urban parks and public spaces, institutional campuses, and private residential and commercial developments. Kevin is an experienced project manager, leading the urban design and landscape architectural aspects of several large projects including the Quarters Downtown Streetscape, West Rossdale Roads and Public Realm Improvements and the 112 Avenue Public Realm Improvements.

Darryl Mullen, P.Eng.

Darryl graduated from the University of Alberta Civil Engineering Program in 1994 and completed a Master of Transportation Engineering post-graduate degree in 1996. He began working in the consulting field doing roadway design before joining the City of Edmonton as the Traffic Safety Engineer. Over a six-year period in this position, Darryl was involved in the development of various programs to improve traffic safety for both pedestrians and motorists. Since 2004, Darryl has worked in the City’s Transportation Planning Branch with a focus on the Active Transportation Capital program and development review for the central area.


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