The City’s Office of Traffic Safety – Five-E Approach to Improving Traffic Safety

The City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety improves traffic safety through the Five-E approach: Education, Engineering, Enforcement, Evaluation and Engagement. This 30 minute presentation will provide a brief overview of the functions of the office as well as some of the innovative techniques that are used to improve the safety of all road users.


Shewkar Ibrahim, PhD Candidate, E.I.T.

Shewkar works as a Traffic Safety Engineer at the City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety. She is simultaneously working towards obtaining a PhD degree, from the University of British Columbia, in the area of Transportation Engineering with a focus on Traffic Safety. Engineer by day and researcher by night, Shewkar is very passionate about finding ways to improve traffic safety for all road users. Her work and research is focused on moving towards adopting a proactive approach to improve safety in the areas of traffic safety, planning, geometric design as well as speed management.


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