The Challenges of Transit Oriented Development – Dense Development Means Dense Traffic?

April 6, 2016 NACITE Luncheon, hosted jointly with APPI

Presented by Tim Barton 

Presentation Summary

In his presentation The Challenges of Transit Oriented Development – Dense Development Means Dense Traffic?, Tim Barton explores the disconnect between the laudable planning objective to focus development around transit accessible nodes (to ostensibly reduce car travel and promote more walkable, healthy communities) and the struggles that approving agencies are having endorsing such projects, due in large part to fears concerning traffic congestion. For example, many of these potential Transit Orientated Developments (TODs) are located along busy vehicular corridors with significant levels of existing traffic congestion. Questions regarding appropriate trip rates for single- and mixed-use developments are considered along with consideration of potential changes to background traffic and how it responds to concentrated nodes of development.

The presentation also looks at the limitations of the current toolset and explores some newer and theoretical tools which potentially offer a more effective way to assess how these developments will change travel behavior for both new and existing residents and visitors.

About the speaker:

Tim Barton has over 14 years of experience as a transportation planner, including over seven years with Bunt & Associates. He has a broad range of experience in many aspects of transportation planning, but has particular interest and experience in the relationships between transportation, land use and urban planning and design. He focuses on how transportation planning can contribute to creating vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities.

Tim has provided transportation leadership and expertise on community plans, master planning, innovative streetscape standards, traffic impact assessments and parking studies. Much of this work has been done as part of major transit-oriented development projects.


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