Social and Economic Impacts of Investment in the Transportation Network in Alberta

April 11, 2017 APPI and NACITE Joint Luncheon

Presented by Rokib SA and Jun Yang

Alberta Transportation has operated several cost benefit analysis tools and regional travel models over the last few years. These models have allowed AT to test the impact of changes to the existing transportation network from a user perspective. In order to capture the broader impacts of network changes on economic performance and land use or vice versa, Alberta has developed the Alberta Spatial Economic and Travel (ASET) Demand Model. Although still in the first year of development, ASET has been used to demonstrate how various provincial/regional policy and capacity scenarios could impact household migration and labour reallocation, and how households, businesses, industries and government may be benefitted or disbenefitted by each of these scenarios. The ASET model was a recent winner of the Minister’s Award of Excellence for Operational Innovation.

About the speakers:

Rokib SA works in the Modelling and Analysis section, Strategy and Policy Branch at Alberta Transportation. In addition to helping maintain the department’s regional transportation models in Edmonton, Calgary and Wood Buffalo, he is involved in the development of the ASET model. He obtained his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering from University of Alberta.

Dr. Jun Yang is currently leading technical specifications for Alberta’s Spatial Economic Model development, such as economic analysis and model specifications/estimations. Dr. Yang is a Senior Economist, Strategy and Policy Branch at Alberta Transportation. He is a graduate of the University of Alberta (PhD) in Agricultural and Resource Economics in 2010.

Dr. Yang has been working in federal and provincial governments and in private industry in the past 10 years. Throughout his career, Dr. Yang has led a variety of projects, such as Alberta’s Spatial Economic Model, the statistical analysis and reporting of Alberta’s health care delivery sites, Bank West’s internal capital adequacy assessment, mad cow disease impacts on North American beef sector, and productivity growth in the Canadian logging and wood pulp operations. He has authored many articles, project reports, briefing notes and presentations. He has also worked as a Sessional Instructor for Macroeconomics at Grant McEwan University in 2012.


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