Modern Roundabout

June 17, 2017 NACITE Luncheon

Presented by Corry Broks, P.Eng.

Modern roundabouts are the preferred intersection treatment in many jurisdictions throughout the world, but have been slow to gain acceptance in many parts of North America. Roundabouts have been shown to provide major safety and operational benefits when compared to conventional intersections, yet continue to be perceived by many as unsafe, confusing to navigate, and not user friendly. Our experience in the planning and implementation of modern roundabouts suggests that a robust education and public engagement process are typically required for successful implementation, but once installed modern roundabouts very quickly gain driver acceptance because the myths about their operation disappear.

This presentation will not focus on the technical aspects of modern roundabouts, but on what we have learned in the past 10 years based on our work in planning more than 30 roundabouts and implementing 5 of those, all in the Edmonton region. An additional 9 roundabouts on arterial roadways have been designed for implementation in 2017. Many of the lessons learned are non-technical and require a very different mindset. More is often better when thinking about conventional intersections, whereas less is often better for roundabout intersections.

The presentation will be made by Corry G. Broks, P.Eng., who has over 40 years of transportation consulting engineering experience, and has been a major contributor to all the roundabout planning and design projects completed by Al-Terra Engineering. Corry is the President of Al-Terra Engineering, but continues to be involved in a hands-on manner for many transportation projects completed by the firm, as well as provides mentorship and technical and corporate support for the firm.

Corry has had a successful career in transportation consulting, and has been instrumental in pushing “out-of-the-box” thinking to create innovative transportation solutions. In 2014 Corry was awarded the Consulting Engineers of Alberta, Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement.



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