Edmonton’s Transit Strategy

February 7, 2018 NACITE Luncheon

Presented by Sarah Feldman


NACITE welcomes Sarah Feldman, Director of Planning and Scheduling for Edmonton Transit Service, to discuss Edmonton’s Transit Strategy. Edmonton City Council approved a new Transit Strategy in 2017. One of the five pillars of the Strategy is the creation of a market responsive transit network design. The new transit network consists of several different service types, each with its own purpose and corresponding level of service. Sarah will present the draft network redesign, showing how the different route types work together to provide service based on the principles of the Transit Strategy and discussing the trade-offs that were considered.

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About the speaker:


Sarah Feldman is the Director of Planning and Scheduling of Edmonton Transit Service. Her career has included diverse roles in municipal government related to long range planning, sustainability policy and strategy development. Sarah’s work has spanned a diverse a variety of fields including land use and transportation planning, waste management, district energy, green buildings and corporate strategy. Joining the City of Edmonton in 2015 to lead the development of Edmonton’s Transit Strategy, Sarah has been instrumental in articulating a new strategic direction for transit.

Sarah holds a Bachelors in Environment and Development from McGill University and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Montreal and is a registered professional planner.


Please register for the event using our online ticketing system.

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