Complete Streets Design and Construction Standards

April 10, 2018 NACITE Luncheon

Presented by Jack Niepsuj and Anika Muhammad


NACITE and APPI welcome Anika Muhammad and Jack Niepsuj from the City of Edmonton to present the City’s new Complete Streets Design and Construction Standards (CSDCS).

The CSDCS combines the former Roadway Design and Construction Standards, and Complete Streets Guidelines, into a single design reference document that aligns with the Transportation Association of Canada’s 2017 Geometric Design Guide. The new CSDCS document introduces additional guidance and flexibility into the City’s design standards to facilitate a context-sensitive approach to designing transportation infrastructure. This presentation will highlight major changes to our design standards, including pedestrian realm, cycling infrastructure, and lane widths.

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About the speaker:



Jack is a Supervisor in Transportation Planning and Design at the City of Edmonton. A graduate of the University of Alberta, Jack has been been involved in the planning, design, and construction of various transportation infrastructure projects both in the public and private sector. Since joining the City of Edmonton over six years ago, Jack has spent time working on long-term planning and concept plans, reviewing land development plans and applications, and most recently overseeing the planning and design of transportation infrastructure. Having grown up in Edmonton, Jack has long been interested in making our City more livable, accommodating, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. When he’s not busy with work, Jack enjoys spending his free time with his two young kids and two dogs.

Anika is a Senior Engineer in Urban Places with City Planning at the City of Edmonton. After graduating from the University of Calgary in 2010 with a BSc. Civil Engineering and travelling, she developed an interest in the way cities, streets, urban design and land use is planned and built. Anika has worked with the City of Edmonton for the last 5 years on development and policy projects such as rezonings, neighbourhood structure plans, putting Complete Streets into Practice workshops, Park & Ride and LRT. Anika lives in Edmonton and spends her spare time going to shows, checking out restaurants, spending time outside and travelling.

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