Feb 2019: Luncheon Building the Walterdale Bridge

February 6, 2019 NACITE Luncheon

This month’s luncheon is sponsored by:


Edmonton’s Walterdale Bridge was reaching the end of its service life. Planning, design and construction of the replacement bridge served as an opportunity to respect the historical significance of the site while providing the City with a new architectural and engineering signature.

This presentation will focus on how significant project construction challenges were resolved. These challenges include: procurement of contractors and materials; geotechnical conditions and foundation construction; steel fabrication; arch erection; temporary works; share-use path fabrication and erection as well as stakeholder engagement and construction staging/constraints.

The result is not simply a bridge that carries traffic from Edmonton’s south side to the downtown core – it is a place to gather, enjoy the magnificence of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, to reflect on the historical significance of the site and to be active. The bridge has quickly become Edmonton’s signature.

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About the Speakers

Rodney Peacock was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of ISL Engineering and Land Services in 2010 with full responsibility for the operation of all ISL offices. He is also involved in a senior capacity on select major transportation projects. Rodney was the consulting team project manager during the planning phase of the Walterdale Bridge Replacement Project (2010-2011) and the completion of the construction phase (2015-2018).

Ryan Teplitsky is a Program Manager with the City of Edmonton and works with the
Transportation Delivery Section of the Infrastructure Services Department. Since joining the City of Edmonton in 2009, Ryan has managed several highly complex construction projects including the 23rd Avenue Interchange, Horsehills Snow Storage Facility, 170 Street CN Rail Bridge Rehabilitation, and numerous arterial road developments. He  recently completed his role as the City’s Project Manager for the Walterdale Bridge Replacement Project.


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