May 13 Luncheon Webinar: Accelerating Transit in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region: Building a Regional Transit Services Commission

May 13, 2020 NACITE Luncheon Webinar: 12:00

We’ve taken our May luncheon online due to the current restrictions. Please join NACITE and our May sponsor, WSP, on May 13 for our first ever webinar.

ITE sponsor wsp

Mobility has an ever-increasing importance in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and is shaping its citizens access to education, employment, and leisure activities. With over 8 studies investigating integrated transit services within the region over the past 10 years, a unique opportunity arose from 13 municipalities in the Capital Region joining forces to move forward in the creation of a Regional Transit Services Commission (RTSC). In 2019, WSP was selected in partnership with EY and Anderson Consulting to examine the business case for a Regional Transit Commission. Accelerating Transit in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region: Building a Regional Transit Services Commission, outlines a plan for starting up integrated transit services. The participating municipalities will move forward with an application to the Government of Alberta seeking approval to legally form the commission. Diana, Carolyn and Anika from WSP will provide a high-level overview of the project, the draft Transit Services Guidelines document and conceptual Transit Service Delivery for testing in the business case.

Pre-registration is required for the webinar. Please click the below button for registration.

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About the Speaker

Carolyn Sherstone is WSP’s new Edmonton Transportation Planning lead. Carolyn is a professional engineer and professional planner with more than 10 years experience in Transportation Planning and Engineering in the Edmonton region. Her diverse experience ranges from developing traffic models to working with clients on multimodal infrastructure assessments, including walking, cycling and transit planning. A life long resident of the Edmonton region, Carolyn is proud to have worked on plans that consider the safety and network accessibility for people of all ages and abilities in various local municipalities and looks forward to bringing that experience to the WSP team in the future. 

Anika Muhammad recently joined WSP’s Edmonton office as a Transportation Planning Engineer. Prior to working at WSP, Anika worked for the City of Edmonton for 8 years on long-term strategic transportation planning initiatives. Anika has in-depth experience working with Complete Streets, Strategic Transportation Planning, Multimodal Network Planning, Development Planning, and Advisory Services. Anika uses her daily experiences as an active modes and transit user in her Transportation Planning practice and is passionate about creating functional and enjoyable mobility experiences for people of all ages and abilities.

Diana is an EIT with WSP’s Planning & Advisory group and primarily focuses on providing sustainable mobility solutions. Diana has worked on a variety transportation projects across Canada and is passionate about encouraging sustainable transportation through policy, planning, and implementation to improve quality of life and create truly livable cities. Diana lives car-free in Calgary and enjoys exploring international cities and their transportation systems.

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