March 2 – From the Netherlands to North America – best practices in multimodal integration

Date: March 2
Webinar: 12 – 1 PM (MDT)
Cost: Free


About the Presentation
Many people know the Netherlands for their cycling culture and world class bicycle infrastructure. What is less well-known is the Dutch expertise in multi-modal transportation – connecting people both on foot and on bike with efficient public transit systems. Join us on this webinar as we look to international expertise in the planning and design elements that make for seamless connections between active transportation and public transit. Some of the themes addressed will include active transportation networks and safe street design, station access by foot and bike, and bike parking facilities. We will then return to examples in Ottawa and San Diego to learn how these elements are being applied in a North American context and discuss ways to further develop multi-modal transportation hubs.About the Speaker

Wayne Gong, P.Eng. As an Integrated Mobility Specialist in Mobycon’s North American office in Ottawa, Wayne brings along many years of public sector experience from western Canada to the team – a combination of project management and integrated transportation planning and design. One of Wayne’s proudest accomplishments includes planning and delivering Edmonton’s first residential protected cycling network, spanning seven neighbourhoods. He also spearheaded various corridor and neighbourhood-wide projects across North America by providing holistic and context-sensitive mobility solutions. His in-depth understanding of the project lifecycle and evidence-based approach enable him to work effectively with stakeholders to address their concerns by applying Dutch inspired best practices. Wayne is committed to creating more 15-minute communities where dwellers can safely and comfortably access work/school, play and socialize without car dependency.

Mary Elbech, with a background in active transportation planning from Denmark and the Netherlands, Mary has over a decade of experience in adapting international best practices to work within a local context. Since 2011, she has supported communities in becoming safer and more bicycle and pedestrian friendly through leading-edge projects around new mobility, shared spaces, community-led design, 20 mph zones, Complete Streets, and safe and active school zones. She has worked on the FHWA Bike Facility Selection guidelines, developed a tactical urbanism workshop series around community-led solutions for safer streets, and is currently leading Mobycon’s role on the NCHRP Guidebook for Urban and Suburban Cross-Sectional Roadway Reallocation. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, and leads Mobycon’s US office.

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