About ITE

The Northern Alberta section of ITE was initiated in 1976 by Stan Teply. The NA ITE was stated to facilitate section meetings and to provide an independent and unbiased forum for local activities.

For more information on ITE:

Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers

Institute of Transportation Engineers


The 2017-2018 Executives are:

President: Dallas Karhut (dallas.karhut@edmonton.ca)
Vice President: Anthony Ng (anthony.ng@edmonton.com)
Treasurer: Wayne Gong (wayne.gong@edmonton.ca)
Secretary: Daniel Zeggelaar (dzeggelaar@islengineering.com)
Members-at-large: Zheng Luo (zheng.luo@ibigroup.com),
                           Xiaobin Wang (xiaobin.wang@edmonton.ca),
                           Alyssa Peters (apeters@bunteng.com)
Past President: Erin Toop (erin.toop@edmonton.ca)

If you are interested in helping out, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the above.